About Us

Buchanan Metal Forming, Incorporated or “BMF”, as we are known today, was founded in the 1940's as a cold forming manufacturer primarily for the agricultural implement component sectors. Through the ensuing years, BMF has evolved into one of the most technologically, innovative manufacturers of absolutely 100% cold forged components for all major industry sectors.

BMF utilizes advance engineering software products to accomplish:

  • 3D-solid modeling
  • 3D-forging simulations to identify potential internal mechanical stresses & fatigues
  • Reverse product engineering to identify criteria for improvements
  • Finite element analysis (FEA) to fulfill customer requirements

Illustration of BMF Main Building

BMF continues to preserve its long-term strategic focus of providing innovative cold forged components to our domestic and global customers through superior product quality, which have proven to be of the strongest, safest, and highest actual field-tested performance ratings. In addition, BMF consistently receives year after year the highest ratings for on-time delivery measures from our customers.

If your forged components demand high strength and toughness, along with maximum safety and mechanical performance, you owe it to yourself to contact BMF to explore the cold forging benefits and possibilities. Whether from the onset of a new project or the replacement and/or redesign of existing components, BMF’s knowledgeable management team can work directly with your engineers to achieve optimal results in both economic and mechanical performance measures, with the assurance of exceptional customer service support throughout the developmental phases to full production mode.

Our components are all about: Strength, Safety & Performance because BMF forged components are 100% cold formed.  Our competition may claim to be cold formers; however, BMF writes and continuously “re-invents the textbook” on 100% cold forming mechanical and geometrical forging advancements. Contact us today and let us prove it!